January 27, 2012

Zazzle's answer to my email

Hello fellow Zazzlers!

Zazzle answered. Now I understand what the problem is - store owners claim that those links drive traffic away from their stores to the blogs or sites they link too. I just can't believe it, really. I don't get traffic from those Zazzle stores to my blog  - that happens ONLY after I placed the links because the store owners visit this blog to check it . I have Google Annalytics checking on it. If this was true I would be getting a lot of more traffic from Zazzle and I don't. After that moment I don't get any more traffic from those stores. I get traffic that comes from my store frontline because I have a call to action there - visit my blog -  but not from other stores. So i don't know what to think. Plus people can delete comments  - they get a notification the moment the link lands on their page.Are they getting so many links that this might be such a great bore to them?
Zazzle suggested that I emailed the store owners but that's too demanding. It's easy toplace the link on the comments field next to a product but not going to the store front and search for message box...Next time I'll do my showcases probably I will not let anyone know...

Here's the email I sent

Hello (XXXX)
Every time TBA's are out there's a Zazzler that postes a link to a blog on each TBA's product awarded. This happens on a DAILY basis.That Zazzler runs a blog where she promotes those products. MY BLOG is just THE SAME. 
1. I invite you to check my blog and the postage that annoyed that store Zazzler owner:http://www.aportugueselove.blogspot.com/2012/01/t-shirts-to-wear-on-valentines-day.html

I removed the product I was promoting from the listing as I think this person is one who don't like us to win money from referrals and that is the main issue not the link itself.
2. I promote Zazzle products on my blog since I oppened it. When I do so I leave a link directly on the product's comments field. That link brings the creator directly to the postage where he/she can watches his/her creation. This way the store owner can check it and SAY if he likes or dislikes what I'm doing. So far NO ONE has asked me to remove any product or link. Many appreciate to know what I do and THANK ME.
3. My blog has no porn, racist or any other kind of inappropriate content.
4. I never read anywhere that to post this kind of link was a bad Zazzle practice but if it is I want to know where are Zazzle guidelines about it. I have these kind of links on my store wall too, in fact, they are all over Zazzle.
5. I regret that the user did not contact me in a polite way and had to go through you to solve this issue. What a comunity we have here, don't you think?
6. I would like to get answers on number 4.
Thank you. Never meant to do anything wrong. I love Zazzle and I like to do right all the time. I'm not a kid but I think that Zazzle owner is...
Belinha Fernandeshttp://www.zazzle.com/aportugueselove

Here's the answer:

Hi Belinha,  While there may be Sellers who like you featuring their products and leaving comments there are many Sellers who dislike it very much. Most Sellers do not like you directing traffic away from the site.  The outside marketing and blogs are great as long as customers go to the blog and then to their product but not to the product and get redirected to the blog. It would be best if you personally emailed Sellers if you would like to let them know that their items are being featured on your blog.  An email would also allow those Sellers to share the link for your blog with others thus also helping the blog receive traffic.  Thank you for your understanding.Best Regards,(XXXX)Content Management TeamZazzle Inc.

1 comment:

  1. That is so wierd that people really think the links take their traffic away! If someone really likes your product that much, aren't they going to continue to stay on your page?

    Funny, I just had a Zazzler post a link on one of my new products, telling me they had featured it on their Facebook page. I love seeing that! Plus, to me, I think it would show those browsing the product that others have interest in it as well; like it's a good design.

    This does make me rethink posting links when I am promoting products, though.

    Well, glad that Zazzle got back to you, although I disagree with what they are saying. I would hope that other Zazzlers would not behave in the same way that the one you ran into did...surely people can act in a more positive way with their fellow Zazzlers!

    Best wishes, Belinha!



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