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Plan B Urban Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbag
One for all and all for love Messenger Bag by aportugueselove
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Yesterday  I was very excited about the prospect of creating new products on Zazzle. But I discovered that my old computer can not export large files anymore. I can not create Messenger Bags or the biggest of the new Sleeves available. But I really wanted to try to make some Messenger bags. The only file I could use to do it was the Portuguese Water Dog one. But it’s quite as they say - necessity is the mother of invention. I decided to use Zazzle fonts only. Just using that and Zazzle Edit Tool I created a series of bags without using my software. These bags have all been designed very quickly. For me, it was a discovery as I never use it that way. Initially, I even made all product lettering in my software!! Later I discovered that the customizable option was the way to go. But it took me some time to adapt! I really like some of the Messenger Bags I created. I might even buy one! I can say it was very fun to create all the bags. Also, I got to know all the Zazzle Fonts available and I think that will help me in creating other products... Here I leave the suggestion to you. I think it is worth exploring! 

One for all and all for love Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbag

Plan B Urban Messenger Bag by aportugueselove
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I have to agree with Zazzle:

The Rickshaw Zero Messenger Bag is perfect as a workday commuter, overnight attaché, or travel bag! Vibrantly printed with custom artwork or text on rugged polyester and designed with a unique accessories system, this bag is as customizable inside as it is outside. Handmade for you with a focus on environmental sustainability, this bag combines beautiful form, function, and a small ecological footprint. It’s Water resistant, extra durable (machine-washable); large main compartment and 2 front pockets; lightweight and forms to your bod; quick-adjust cam shoulder strap;velcro strips accessory system; holds a 13” laptop w/optional sleeve.


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