January 28, 2012

More emails from Zazzle about links on comments!

Hello again!

To those interested in this matter I have some more emails from Zazzle to share. I think that Zazzle allows us to post those kind of links on Zazzle stores, it's not a bad practice after all. But some store owners does not like it. So Zazzle ask us to use this pratice with moderation. I just use it when I make these products showcases and that's not very often. Also I leave just one link per store. I don't do it often because it's too time consuming, really! 
Anyway, after this incident, I think I will not do it anymore. Maybe I'll just share the link at the Forum, I almost never use the Forum. Doing that I'll probably get some more traffic to the blog, Zazzle is right. My initial intention wasn't getting more traffic - Google brings me lots of organic traffic already. But considering it all maybe it's more in my interest to post a link on the Forum than go to each store owner to place it. Come on, who on earth will find that link? Stores have thousands of pages! I think I learned someting here about promoting my blog, not the products itself...weird! And I think that's the end of it!

This was the first email I got, it's from one person:
Hello Zazzler,  With regards to content of comments, Zazzle does permit the use of html links to such sites that are used to promote and link back to other Zazzle products, such as blogs and google +. While we understand that you are using these comments to notify other Zazzle users that you have featured their product, in this instance we were contacted by one specific user as previous mentioned that would like to no longer be notified of these product features. Best Regards, (2XXX) Content Management Team Zazzle Inc.
And then, after my repsonse, this one, from another person:
Hi Belinha, 
No need to worry about this any longer. We have received more than one complaint from sellers about this issue and we thank you for keeping these links to a minimum on the Zazzle site. 
The forums are a great place to post your blog so that others can share the blog with customers. 
(1XXX) ProSeller Account Manager Training/Technical SpecialistZazzle Inc.


  1. Belinha, I always appreciate it when you link to or comment on my store. It's nice when artists support each other!

  2. I'm happy too when you promote my products :))))

  3. Thank you CksWarrior Queen and Lucia Salemi for telling me that! That is very good to know! I am honest when I pick a product.I try to find the best... It means I really love it. I am also honest when I leave my congratulations on the stores. Lucia must know - I love her work and I'm always picking stuff she creates over and over. And sometimes I forget stores I like because I do the search via Zazzle and those stores does not show...I am not so angry about this anymore. Thank you!


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