January 26, 2012

Annoying incident with Zazzle Comments

Hello fellow Zazzlers!
As you all know, since I've started this blog I have promoted a lot of Zazzler's products in it. Every time I pick a product I post a link to the store where I found it just bellow the product in the field comments. That link brings the creator to the post where he/she can watch the product she created and all the others I have picked too. I lost track of how many times I did this. If the creator does not aprove it he/she then can tell me.

I also must say that since I started it I earned nothing with this kind of promotion. Since I started my A Portuguese Love Blog I got a unique referral revenue from my showcases here. The reason why I keep doing it is because it's fun to browse Zazzle and discover new stuff and stores get these lists done. Lately it has become more difficult to find interesting products as the marketplace is getting huge.  Sometimes it takes me a lot of time to find things I really like. My referrals revenue always comes from Twitter or Squiddoo promotion not from these lists I promote here. Cookies only last a time and after that you get no referral revenue at all. So maybe it's not so wise to waste a lot of time making these listings.
Well, it seems that I've been doing wrong placing the links on the stores!One Zazzler user made a complaint to Zazzle about this procedure and Zazzle sent me a note! I wrote back to Zazzle asking if this is really a bad practice.Where are the guidelines about it?!! I got links in my wall today from a Zazzler that picked one of my products to show on Squidoo. The link is on my wall and links directly to Squidoo. I visited her and thanked her. I know that if she sells it she wins a little cash but there's something in it for me too. That's the way. What is the problem with this?

I am waiting Zazzle answer. Meanwhile I removed the product from that Zazzle user too and let him/ her know that he/she could have addressed me directly and not going through Zazzle as if I was posting a link to a racist or porn blog! I really felt bad about this and probably I'll stop this promotion thing. So why to promote if we can get this kind of reaction? Chances are that one day someone will approach me and ask me to remove the products from the blog! I know that some people just hate us to refer their products. I read about it in Facebook and just can't understand. But we must respect each other views, right?  
This blog is mainly about Zazzle and less about Portuguese culture or promotion tools. Maybe it's time to re-define its orientation, who knows.
Now, take a look at this to understand why I'm so pissed...
Dear Zazzler,
Thank you for being a contributor at Zazzle!We would like for everyone at Zazzle to be a safe place where users can showcase their creativity and make some friends along the way! Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that you have been placing comments on your fellow community member’s products containing an html link to a blog.We ask that you refrain from submitting anymore html link comments specifically to the user (XXXXXXXX), or any stores associated with this user.Once again, we would like to thank you for being a contributor at Zazzle and we hope that we can resolve this matter as quickly as possible!Thanks for using Zazzle!
Best Regards,(XXXXX)Content Management TeamZazzle Inc.


  1. Belinha,
    It is too bad something like that happened to you. I don't think that you were doing anything wrong. Many Zazzlers let other Zazzlers know they are promoting their product by placing a link on their store or product page. Zazzle encourages us to promote products, so this just makes no sense. I think it's too bad that Zazzle didn't look into it a little more, to see that you weren't posting offensive links, just links to the products. I think that the Zazzler is just one of those people (as you mentioned) that for some reason doesn't want their products promoted. I, like you, cannot understand why you wouldn't want them promoted; the vast majority of the products I sell are from promotions, so I'd be making nearly nothing without Zazzlers promoting my products! Anyway, I hope Zazzle gets back to you soon, and I hope the rest of the Zazzlers you come across (or promote) are only friendly and polite! :)
    Megan (Zazzler Whaleriders6)

  2. Belinha,

    This could even be a message to me. I often will post a link on someone's page to let them know that I am promoting their product.

    I agree, that this complaint must have came from a person who does not want their products promoted.

    There is a difference between putting a link to promote your products in the comment verses a link to a blog or article where you are promoting that person's product. I don't see anything wrong with it.

    I have gotten many emails from Zazzle that has pissed me off (I can understand why you are). They immediately react without questions.

    I hope that everything will work out. Thanks for letting me know about this too.

  3. Thank you Megan and Sandy. I am waiting Zazzle answer, I hope I get one. I'm still pissed but your comments helped. Anyway this made me think that maybe I should use the time I spend browsing Zazzle in a more useful way...to me and my readers. But I loved to do it. So maybe I still do it and stop pasting the links, I don't know for now...I'll wait for Zazzle answer.


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