January 28, 2012

More emails from Zazzle about links on comments!

Hello again!

To those interested in this matter I have some more emails from Zazzle to share. I think that Zazzle allows us to post those kind of links on Zazzle stores, it's not a bad practice after all. But some store owners does not like it. So Zazzle ask us to use this pratice with moderation. I just use it when I make these products showcases and that's not very often. Also I leave just one link per store. I don't do it often because it's too time consuming, really! 
Anyway, after this incident, I think I will not do it anymore. Maybe I'll just share the link at the Forum, I almost never use the Forum. Doing that I'll probably get some more traffic to the blog, Zazzle is right. My initial intention wasn't getting more traffic - Google brings me lots of organic traffic already. But considering it all maybe it's more in my interest to post a link on the Forum than go to each store owner to place it. Come on, who on earth will find that link? Stores have thousands of pages! I think I learned someting here about promoting my blog, not the products itself...weird! And I think that's the end of it!

This was the first email I got, it's from one person:
Hello Zazzler,  With regards to content of comments, Zazzle does permit the use of html links to such sites that are used to promote and link back to other Zazzle products, such as blogs and google +. While we understand that you are using these comments to notify other Zazzle users that you have featured their product, in this instance we were contacted by one specific user as previous mentioned that would like to no longer be notified of these product features. Best Regards, (2XXX) Content Management Team Zazzle Inc.
And then, after my repsonse, this one, from another person:
Hi Belinha, 
No need to worry about this any longer. We have received more than one complaint from sellers about this issue and we thank you for keeping these links to a minimum on the Zazzle site. 
The forums are a great place to post your blog so that others can share the blog with customers. 
(1XXX) ProSeller Account Manager Training/Technical SpecialistZazzle Inc.

January 27, 2012

Zazzle's answer to my email

Hello fellow Zazzlers!

Zazzle answered. Now I understand what the problem is - store owners claim that those links drive traffic away from their stores to the blogs or sites they link too. I just can't believe it, really. I don't get traffic from those Zazzle stores to my blog  - that happens ONLY after I placed the links because the store owners visit this blog to check it . I have Google Annalytics checking on it. If this was true I would be getting a lot of more traffic from Zazzle and I don't. After that moment I don't get any more traffic from those stores. I get traffic that comes from my store frontline because I have a call to action there - visit my blog -  but not from other stores. So i don't know what to think. Plus people can delete comments  - they get a notification the moment the link lands on their page.Are they getting so many links that this might be such a great bore to them?
Zazzle suggested that I emailed the store owners but that's too demanding. It's easy toplace the link on the comments field next to a product but not going to the store front and search for message box...Next time I'll do my showcases probably I will not let anyone know...

Here's the email I sent

Hello (XXXX)
Every time TBA's are out there's a Zazzler that postes a link to a blog on each TBA's product awarded. This happens on a DAILY basis.That Zazzler runs a blog where she promotes those products. MY BLOG is just THE SAME. 
1. I invite you to check my blog and the postage that annoyed that store Zazzler owner:http://www.aportugueselove.blogspot.com/2012/01/t-shirts-to-wear-on-valentines-day.html

I removed the product I was promoting from the listing as I think this person is one who don't like us to win money from referrals and that is the main issue not the link itself.
2. I promote Zazzle products on my blog since I oppened it. When I do so I leave a link directly on the product's comments field. That link brings the creator directly to the postage where he/she can watches his/her creation. This way the store owner can check it and SAY if he likes or dislikes what I'm doing. So far NO ONE has asked me to remove any product or link. Many appreciate to know what I do and THANK ME.
3. My blog has no porn, racist or any other kind of inappropriate content.
4. I never read anywhere that to post this kind of link was a bad Zazzle practice but if it is I want to know where are Zazzle guidelines about it. I have these kind of links on my store wall too, in fact, they are all over Zazzle.
5. I regret that the user did not contact me in a polite way and had to go through you to solve this issue. What a comunity we have here, don't you think?
6. I would like to get answers on number 4.
Thank you. Never meant to do anything wrong. I love Zazzle and I like to do right all the time. I'm not a kid but I think that Zazzle owner is...
Belinha Fernandeshttp://www.zazzle.com/aportugueselove

Here's the answer:

Hi Belinha,  While there may be Sellers who like you featuring their products and leaving comments there are many Sellers who dislike it very much. Most Sellers do not like you directing traffic away from the site.  The outside marketing and blogs are great as long as customers go to the blog and then to their product but not to the product and get redirected to the blog. It would be best if you personally emailed Sellers if you would like to let them know that their items are being featured on your blog.  An email would also allow those Sellers to share the link for your blog with others thus also helping the blog receive traffic.  Thank you for your understanding.Best Regards,(XXXX)Content Management TeamZazzle Inc.

January 26, 2012

Annoying incident with Zazzle Comments

Hello fellow Zazzlers!
As you all know, since I've started this blog I have promoted a lot of Zazzler's products in it. Every time I pick a product I post a link to the store where I found it just bellow the product in the field comments. That link brings the creator to the post where he/she can watch the product she created and all the others I have picked too. I lost track of how many times I did this. If the creator does not aprove it he/she then can tell me.

I also must say that since I started it I earned nothing with this kind of promotion. Since I started my A Portuguese Love Blog I got a unique referral revenue from my showcases here. The reason why I keep doing it is because it's fun to browse Zazzle and discover new stuff and stores get these lists done. Lately it has become more difficult to find interesting products as the marketplace is getting huge.  Sometimes it takes me a lot of time to find things I really like. My referrals revenue always comes from Twitter or Squiddoo promotion not from these lists I promote here. Cookies only last a time and after that you get no referral revenue at all. So maybe it's not so wise to waste a lot of time making these listings.
Well, it seems that I've been doing wrong placing the links on the stores!One Zazzler user made a complaint to Zazzle about this procedure and Zazzle sent me a note! I wrote back to Zazzle asking if this is really a bad practice.Where are the guidelines about it?!! I got links in my wall today from a Zazzler that picked one of my products to show on Squidoo. The link is on my wall and links directly to Squidoo. I visited her and thanked her. I know that if she sells it she wins a little cash but there's something in it for me too. That's the way. What is the problem with this?

I am waiting Zazzle answer. Meanwhile I removed the product from that Zazzle user too and let him/ her know that he/she could have addressed me directly and not going through Zazzle as if I was posting a link to a racist or porn blog! I really felt bad about this and probably I'll stop this promotion thing. So why to promote if we can get this kind of reaction? Chances are that one day someone will approach me and ask me to remove the products from the blog! I know that some people just hate us to refer their products. I read about it in Facebook and just can't understand. But we must respect each other views, right?  
This blog is mainly about Zazzle and less about Portuguese culture or promotion tools. Maybe it's time to re-define its orientation, who knows.
Now, take a look at this to understand why I'm so pissed...
Dear Zazzler,
Thank you for being a contributor at Zazzle!We would like for everyone at Zazzle to be a safe place where users can showcase their creativity and make some friends along the way! Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that you have been placing comments on your fellow community member’s products containing an html link to a blog.We ask that you refrain from submitting anymore html link comments specifically to the user (XXXXXXXX), or any stores associated with this user.Once again, we would like to thank you for being a contributor at Zazzle and we hope that we can resolve this matter as quickly as possible!Thanks for using Zazzle!
Best Regards,(XXXXX)Content Management TeamZazzle Inc.

January 24, 2012

T-shirts to wear on Valentine's Day

Every February we celebrate Valentine's Day by giving flowers, candy and cards to those we love. We do this in honor of Saint Valentine. Another Valentine popular character goes by the name of Cupid (it's from the Latin cupido, "desire"). In Roman mythology Cupid is the son of Venus, goddess of love. His counterpart in Greek mythology is Eros, god of love. Cupid is kind of a mischievous boy who goes around with arrows, causing humans and even gods to fall in love...! This time I made a Zazzle search for Valentine's t-shirts. So here's a sample of what's available to offer the ones you love or to dress yourself on Valentine's Day!  Unless of course you're an Anti-Valentine person! Let me know your opinion!
Love Happens! shirt

love shirt
love by sallylux
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Amor with arrows shirt
Amor with arrows by tuomasikonen
Start selling my art online with zazzle.
LOVE shirt
LOVE by cky128
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Funny Valentine's Day Gift shirt
Funny Valentine's Day Gift by CowPieCreek
Shop Zazzle for another t shirt.Zazzle

January 17, 2012

The new Messenger Bags by Zazzle

Yesterday I was quite desperate. Seems like a strong word. But it's true. I was very excited about the prospect of creating new products on Zazzle. But I discovered that my old computer can not export large files anymore. I can not create Messenger Bags or the biggest of the new Sleeves available. But I really wanted to try to make some Messenger bags. The only file I could use to do it was the Portuguese Water Dog one. But it’s quite as they say - necessity is the mother of invention. I decided to use Zazzle fonts only. Just using that and Zazzle Edit Tool I created a series of bags without using my software. These bags have all been designed very quickly. For me it was a discover as I never use it that way. Initially I even made all products lettering in my software!! Later I discovered that customizable option was the way to go. But it took me some time to adapt! I really like some of the Messenger Bags I created . I might even buy one! I can say it was very fun to create all the bags. Also I got toknow all the Zazzle Fonts available and I think that will help me in creating other products... Here I leave the suggestion to you. I think it is worth exploring!

Plan B Urban Messenger Bag rickshawmessengerbag
Plan B Urban Messenger Bag by aportugueselove
Browse Zazzle for a different messenger bag.

I have to agree with Zazzle: 

The Rickshaw Zero Messenger Bag is perfect as a workday commuter, overnight attaché, or travel bag! Vibrantly printed with custom artwork or text on rugged polyester and designed with a unique accessories system, this bag is as customizable inside as it is outside. Handmade for you with a focus on environmental sustainability, this bag combines beautiful form, function, and a small ecological footprint. It’s Water resistant, extra durable (machine-washable); large main compartment and 2 front pockets; lightweight and forms to your bod; quick-adjust cam shoulder strap;velcro strips accessory system; holds a 13” laptop w/optional sleeve.

January 14, 2012

Woman that keeps 80 stray dogs needs help

Newspaper cover Correio da Manhã watch it here.
Television cover RTP1 watch it here.

People call her Mother Theresa of the Dogs but her name is Maria José. This lady is 67 years old and she is retired now.  She lives at Pinhal Novo and she keeps 80 dogs and 20 cats. Some can be adopted, other does not because they are sick or too old for that. The lady and the animals are facing an eviction from the house they inhabit, for nonpayment of rent. The landlord threatened to pull the gates of the land where they are and cut water and electricity to Maria José. She feared that if things come to that animals will escape and eventually die or be injured. No one wants this animals in the streets again or dead by city hall services.  A group was born in Facebook to help the lady and the animals. She has already a place for herself. The group focus is on the animals she has been helping for some years now. 
How can you help?

  • PROMOTING this postage to your Facebook, Twitter, email friends. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  • PROVIDING to Maria José´s needs:
- Send money for tools and construction materials;
- Send construction materials to build fences and shelter for dogs;
- Send food for cats and dogs (as the money is being channeled to the new site)
-  Send money to pay the vet bills that is now of 3000 euros! (the money is being channeled to the new site)
- Adopt one of her dogs or cats!

- She also needs people to work at voluntary level in the construction;

If you would like to make a money transfer, check the follwing:
Account name - Maria José Cautela
Bank name - Banco Montepio
NIB:0036 0027 9910 0121 5760 4
IBAN: PT50 0036 0027 9910 0121 5760 4

If you sent any money, please scan and send proof to suzyccf@hotmail.com with Os amigos da Teti for message title so she can mention you on donations listing.
If you would like to sent food for the animals, check the following:
Maria José Cautela
Apartado 11
2955-909 Pinhal Novo

If you would like to speak to her, - I don't know if she knows english -  to visit her animals:
Maria José mobile phone number : 914 728 234
This information can be found on Facebook Os amigos da Teté Group

January 13, 2012

Meet Fudge, my new partner in business!

This is a "Thank you" postage! I want to thank Sue and Fudge. Fudge is a Portuguese Water Dog and Sue owns him. They live at the Missouri state. You can meet Fudge and read about his adventures at his blog called The Portuguese Water Blog.  He's not alone in the house as he has more 7 companions of his breed to play. There's a great photo of them right at the blog's heather.
I've been upadating some sections of my store since Zazzle launched their new tagging policy.It has been a boring task and I really don't know if there will be positive results for products searching out of it. But now it's almost done. Fortunately I don't have a big store. Even so I had to re-tag a lot and meanwhile I decided to upadate old products that I think to have some selling potencial and even to create some new ones. 
I wanted a Portuguese Water Dog photo so I could create some more products that buyers could customize uploading their own dogs photo in it. I live in Portugal but I don't know anyone who owns one of these dogs. And I just don't steal photos from the internet. I don't subscribe to that. So I Googled and Fudge's blog showed up. I wrote a comment there asking for help and soon after I got Fudge's photo on my email box. I think Fudge it's perfect. He's beautiful and looks curious. Fudge looks like he's preparing to bark! I'm so fond of animals and due to my current life style I can't have one. I call it life style but in fact it hasn't much style. I can't find a steady job and I just don't know where I'll be the  next day. So I can't take the responsability of raising an animal. Animals also need security. So I help animals that need help, stray cats and dogs and people that hold shelters for them. And I do pet sitting for my sister's shar pei dog. I think that every family should have an animal in the house so children can grow up admiring and respecting animals. Most people live an entire life and the only animals they get to watch are sparrows or pigeons... In a certain way I envy my gandmother's life. She had a tough life because she worked in the fields for many years. But she had a natural understanding about the true  meaning of life and nature and need no campaingns to understand animals rights. 

To know more about the Portuguese Water Dog, read this short text and follow the  links. 

January 8, 2012

Love Rrring - Today's Best Award at Zazzle's!

The Love Telephone necklace

Zazzle team liked this proposal of a Valentine's Day necklace. I had a telephone like this one until I went to college. It wasn't white, it was black. I spent hours talking over that phone back in the time when there was no such thing as mobile phones! The Love Telephone Necklace is a cute Valentine gift for those sweethearts who spent hours talking sweet over the phone! You can change the text, of course, with Zazzle edit tool and write your own sweet words of Love! (This product is not available anymore.)

January 3, 2012

Help Inter Care Medical Aid with used stamps!

That's right! My irish friend Rosetta Jallow just posted an apeal in Facebook for Inter Care Medical Aid initiative of collecting stamps. These are then used it to help African people. It was the first time I heard about the reused stamps use for this puropose. Hence most people probably got at least some Christmas and New Years greeting cards I think it's the ideal time topromote this idea! Inter Care collects used stamps which are then sold online to stamp collectors around the world. All you need to do is to cut stamps out from envelopes you receive. Let some paper around the stamp, at least 1cm ( 0.3937 inches). Then, when you have a few, send them to the address below. It's an inexpensive way to help AFRICA. I will send some portuguese stamps.
Go to INTER CARE MEDICAL AID to know this organization and their awesome work against poverty in Africa.
Inter Care
46 The Halfcroft

January 2, 2012

What's your New Year Resolution?

Having trouble? Why don't you just click
and have fun!

1000 mini fireworks Guiness Record

On New Year's Eve some minutes before midnight 1000 mini fireworks were lit in order to achieve a Guiness World Record for Figueira da Foz. We made it!

January 1, 2012

Let's dance on the first day of 2012

I just wish you could understand Portuguese language so you could understand and admire the beauty of the lyrics of this record. Not easy to translate, sometimes I do it for you but I don't think I can this time! But you can enjoy the great music. It's called Em busca das montanhas azuis - Searching for the blue mountains - and the name of the singer is Fausto. His inspiration has always been Portuguese history and very much one book called Pilgrimage. This book was written by Portuguese writer and explorer Fernão Mendes Pinto. Pilgrimage is Pinto's memoir of 20 years of travel back in XVI century. He went as far as the middle and far east, Ethiopia, China, India and Japan. He claimed to have been among the first group of Europeans to visit Japan. He wasn't an enthusiast of colonialism. He wrote that he was thirteen times made captive and seventeen times sold. It's hard to believe all he wrote!He got famous to be a bit of a liar himself or at least for a vivid imagination! So, Fausto writes and sings about portuguese travels and discoveries and the bonds between Portuguese and local populations of those regions. Amazing musician and writer, I wish Santa gave this gift to me last Christmas! Enjoy and dance!
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