December 1, 2011

Get some extra traffic with Adzly

Well, Christmas is at our door and Zazzle marketplace is full of great proposals. I always do some extra advertising in December. Why? Because I know that if no one buys my new designs and drawings now that can only happen next year! It's kind of unfair if I think. It has been 2-3 weeks of hard labour until now...but that's just the way things are!That's why I allways go for some extra trafic this time of the year.

I use some traffic exchange campaigns and also Adzly. If you are a regular visit to this blog you might already have seen the Adzly square ad and the widget. I have just created a new ad to promote my Zazzle Christmas products at Adzly. You and me know that's hard to make money online. Getting the traffic you need to make sales is quite a struggle. So we must use all we have at hand to get it! I like Adzly and that's why I took some time to write about it so you can try it too. Why to use Adzly?

Because it's easy and gets you some results:

1. You create a widget, you put this widget on a website. You earn credits whenever your widgets gets seen. 
2. You tell a few people about Adzly and they join for free and place some more widgets and they earn credits too. And you earn when their widgets load too.
If you have the Basic (free) account, you will need a minimum of 50 unique widget loads per day (combined total for all your widgets) in order to earn credits from your level 2 adstream.Let's say you refer Sally and Sally then refers Lilly. Sally will now be part of your level 1 adstream and Lilly will be part of your level 2 adstream.

Some simple advice on how to get the best results out of Adzly:

1.Chose the proper catgeory when you set up the ad so you get an audience that's interested in your products.
2. Write appealing advertising copy - the words you pick must grab ad viewer attention and call people to act. 

Good luck and happy sales!

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