December 21, 2011

Are you ready to celebrate the New Year?

How do you celebrate the arrival of the New Year? Today I went to the post-office to send my Christmas mail. I bought all the gifts already. Everything is done. Now I start to think about the New Year's Eve.  I've tried several things to celebrate the arrival of the new year along the years. Several times I went away to a visit a new place and mix with total strangers; on several occasions I met with friends for dinner at local restaurant and then we went to pubs and then roam the streets waiting for the fireworks; when I was younger I also went dancing all night but it's not a good choice as houses are often too full. I went also to small  private parties; I went to friend's houses and stay up all night eating and talking about memories shared! I stayed home alone watching movies! I went to bad, sick with fever...and more! Everyone has a way to spend the last hours of the year and welcome the new one. The important thing is to enjoy that time.
This year I'll stay home. I am going to decorate the house a little with streamers and balloons as my nephew will be here. And the dog too, Davis, the shar pei, he usually eats the confetti !! We'll have an end-of-the-year meal. Maybe my nephew will bring one of his favorite animation movies and we'll watch it together. At midnight we'll open and pour champagne. We'll eat the 12 raisins, make 12 wishes and have a toast to a better year. Quite simple. If the fog does not show we will be able to watch the fireworks from the window. I checked meteo and it will be very cold over the last week of the year. So I guess we'll stay home all night.
Inspired by the festive thought of New Year's Eve I made a small search on Zazzle for some New Year's t-shirts and buttons. Here it is!Enjoy it!
2012 Year of the Orange Dragon Toddler's T Shirts shirt


Happy New Year button

Sweethearts and fireworks button

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