September 21, 2011

Share a little FRESH AIR - Open your heart!

Got an email from Sarah Wilson, she's Fresh Air Fund Outreach Coordinator and it goes like this: I wanted to thank you again for helping to support the Fresh Air Fund this past Summer. You've helped support the efforts of our local volunteer leaders to recruit more dedicated host families who are willing to open their homes to a Fresh Air child for up to two weeks during the summer. By sharing our Volunteer Host Family Program and wonderful summer memories, we were able to spread the word to other potential supporters, who help to keep our programs flourishing. With your help, thousands of Fresh Air children embarked on free summer vacations this summer. I was hoping you could post a mention on A Portuguese Love to keep the Fresh Air Fund alive in the minds of your readers and followers. Even a Tweet or Facebook post could help.

Hello readers! I really like the way Fresh Air Fund works. I am a fan of this project. It has been several years now since I wrote about it for the first time. Each time they asked me to tweet or write on my blog I did. And I will keep doin it, I have such a happy feeling about  it. They are doing a wonderful job.They are giving children the oportunity to grow with memorable experiences. And they do it so well. I even feel I met Sara as she often takes some time to answer my emails' comments. See, I am nobody, I live across the ocean, far from the United States, all I do is tweet and write about this wonderful programme and Sara gives me all her attention. That's how they work. They are in the business of making friends across distance. I believe that all these children that are hosted with families will make friends for life and families that have them in their houses too. It's such a warmth and generous idea in this more and more troubled world. We should cherish it and help to promote it. I never say no to Sara and I hope you do not say no to me and help spread the word about Fresh Air Fund too. Grab a video or a button here! And now, enjoy the video, open your heart!

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