June 15, 2011

Fotolia stock image marketplace review

You may wonder why I am hosting a Fotolia Coupon Code giveaway on my blog. Usually, I promote Portuguese products. Fotolia offered me the possibility to try it for free and this is my review on it.

I really enjoyed my experience at the site. One thing I discovered is that Fotolia accepts photos from professionals and amateurs. That’s positive as it adds variety and makes photos prices more accessible. If you live in Europe, know that the Euro is accepted the currency. Paypal can be used. It has photographers and designers contributing and I got excited about it and thought of sending some vector files too and earn some cash. They even provide training that you must follow before uploading any work. As they state somewhere in the site, "detailed attention is given to the quality, copyright, and editing of files." I found great photos. I can say that I found what I needed.

I did an accurate search for photos so I can say the searching mechanism worked for me perfectly. I searched with a lot of different keywords and got relevant results. I also used orientation filter as I was interested in landscape photos only but Fotolia offers other filters. We can get 100 images per page and examine it well with zoom possibility. This all happens fast enough. All over the site information is clear and navigation is easy.

I think Fotolia is a real social marketplace for photographers and designers. I got the notion that a community is being built around it. It has a blog and a Forum but I did not try it. If you are familiar with Forums you know how useful it can be. If you have doubts or questions you have support in lots of different languages from the traditional English to Portuguese, maybe more than a dozen languages available. The extensive FAQ is available.

What are the purchasing images options? There are two: credit or subscription. If you buy a large number of credits the price per credit is smaller. It works smoothly. You get your credits, pick your photos and move it to a gallery called Lightbox and then download the files. Subscription has two possibilities, standard, and premium. These require a number of images download per day or 24 hours. Fotolia offers 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and annual subscriptions.

There is an interesting software you can download at Fotolia - Flixtime. I haven’t tried it but I want to. FlixTime turns your photos into unique videos and you can pick a tune to it. It sounds great fun. There is also a Fotolia Desktop Widget and a Fotolia Plug-In. And for last, and because everybody loves Freebies if you become a fan of Fotolia on Facebook you receive access to a free image area.

I also become an affiliate for Fotolia as I have no reasons but to recommend it.

So, why don’t you join it too?

Click here for free membership now!

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