Celebrate Summer with Licor Beirão Giveaway

Summer is my favorite time of the year. As I live by the sea it’s a great time to enjoy the beach every minute I can. My readers may remember Licor Beirão. I wrote a post about this traditional Portuguese liquor some weeks ago. Licor Beirão enjoyed my post and sent me some merchandise to distribute to my blog readers. It’s time to accessorize for the Summer that officially starts today and these are the gifts Licor Beirão is offering 10 of my lucky readers:

- A fabric case for your laptop as I know you will be going outside to enjoy the sun!

- Cute tattoos (4 different ones) to show with your summer light clothes!

- Magnetic bookmarkers because reading in a garden or on the beach is a must with this weather!

- A diary where you can draw or write down stories about your summer days…

- And 6 very cute small bottles of Licor Beirão, 6 of my readers will have a chance to taste this traditional Portuguese drink. All winners will also be sent an informative sheet on Licor Beirão with a few suggestions on how to prepare some refreshing drinks for the Summer, the company, and the liquor store.

The gifts list:

1 - 1 bottle of Licor Beirão, a laptop case, 1 magnet bookmarker, and 4 tattoos

2 - 1 bottle of Licor Beirão, a diary, 1 magnet bookmarker, and 4 tattoos

3 - 1 bottle of Licor Beirão, 1 magnet bookmarker, and 4 tattoos

4 - 1 bottle of Licor Beirão, 1 magnet bookmarker, and 4 tattoos

5 - 1 bottle of Licor Beirão, 1 magnet bookmarker, and 4 tattoos

6 - 1 bottle of Licor Beirão, 1 magnet bookmarker, and 4 tattoos

7 - 1 magnet bookmarker and 4 tattoos

8 - 1magnet bookmarker and 4 tattoos

9 - 1 magnet bookmarker and 4 tattoos

10 - 1 magnet bookmarker and 4 tattoos

What you must do to win:

a. Like A Portuguese Love Facebook page here

b. or Subscribe to this blog via email (use Feedburner window on your right to enter your email address)

c. If you already Liked my Page or Subscribed to my blog you can follow me on Twitter.

d. Leave a comment on this blog post indicating what you did + your email contact.

A random draw between those who entered will be made on July 21st to determine the winners. The lucky winners will be announced on this blog and A Portuguese Love Facebook Page. Gifts will be shipped the following two weeks after I get the winners' addresses.


  1. like u on FB (carole c)


  2. follow u on twitter (gram122)

  3. email subscriber


  4. Already had followed you everywhere except on your blog :)


  5. Subscrevi no email!
    Boa sorte!

  6. Hi Carol! Thank you for your enthusiasm!:)

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  8. m.clara.nfh@gmail.com
    Liked your FB page already!I have no blog.

  9. lebm.44@gmail.com
    Liked A Portuguese Love Facebook Page!

  10. anaborgessa@gmail.com
    Olá! Sou portuguesa! Também posso entrar no sorteio? Estou a seguir por email! Gosto muito dos teus trabalhos.

  11. Também não tenho blogue!:)
    Ana Sá

  12. The first 6 gifts will be given to these entries to be submited to Random Org:
    1 - CArol
    2 - Helena
    3 - olimpio
    4 - clara
    5 - leb
    6 - Ana


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