April 1, 2011

Stupeflix: presentations made on the fly!

Now, if you were not very enthusiastic about my previous post, why don't you take a look at STUPEFLIX instead? It's just another tool you can use to promote your designs. It's fast, it's easy and it works on your browser. You don't have to create slides on PowerPoint. Unfortunatley you can't use it to promote commercial stuff unless you upgrade. But you can still use it to markett yourself and your drawings, paintings and illustrations.

Stupeflix automatically generates professional looking videos out of pictures. If you don't have mp3 at hand, nevermind, the site provides several music clips you can use. After creating the video, you can download or share it easily on Twitter, Facebook or even Youtube.To use Stupeflix, signup is required. After login, you need to select a theme first from the ones available. Then you need to upload images and you can directly upload them from Picasa or Flickr ou Facebook.To export the video on your computer or your social networking account, click on “Export” button. You can download the video for free but it is limited to 1 minute. You’ll have to pay for high quality and high definition video downloads. One minute is a lot of time if you use it well. You must try it and discover it by yourself. Watch my presentation. It was made on the fly...

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