March 24, 2011

#8/9 How to promote your Zazzle store on Facebook

Notes allow you to share blog posts and pictures with your friends. You can use these features to post content about your Zazzle store especially if you have a blog. These are the steps:

Go to the main Notes application page by typing "Notes" into the search box at the top of the screen. Then lick the Import a blog link on the right side of the page. Enter the URL (web address) of your blog into the text box, and check the box underneath that states that you agree to our Terms of Use. To complete the process, click on "Save Settings." Once you do this, your previous posts will appear as notes and any new posts you make will automatically display. Unfortunately I can’t make it work! I also tried to enter the feed directly in the box but it still does  not work.
When you publish a note Facebook allows you to “tag” that note with the names of your friends who are “included” in it. When you “tag” a friend in your note, he/she gets a special notification. You can “tag” photos of your Zazzle store products too.

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