March 18, 2011

#7/9 How to promote your Zazzle Store - FB tips

Creating an Event is also a good way to promote your Zazzle store. Once again Facebook warns you about what may be considered spam. Instead of repeatedly sending the same message to friends, posting a link to promote an event on the wall you should use the Event feature.  Read about it:” After clicking Create an Event you can then fill in all the necessary information for the event and invite all your friends using the invite feature within the event. You can also utilize the "Message All" feature, which allows you to message all guests that have RSVP’d ‘yes’ to the event. “I only tried it once just to see how it worked. Use it to promote marketing events for your Zazzle store, for example, when you have new products you can create official launches and create some buzz around it. When you create Facebook Events they are automatically promoted on your Facebook Page. Plus, when Facebook users RSVP to your event their friends see the updates on their profile or news feed. Remember that you need is to give potential customers a compelling reason to Like your Page. This means good content.  Try to create an Event that’s exclusive like a give-away. This will attach value to your page. Users will join your Page more easily and they will help you spreading the word. Probably they will write about it on blogs. Or Tweet it. You can show your design products before they are published on Zazzle. You can ask their opinion on it. That’s just an idea.

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