March 7, 2011

5/9 How to promote your Zazzle Store - FB tips

Don’t forget to promote your Page in your Facebook profile. Your Facebook home is a good place to promote your Zazzle store and your page too. Keep your business mostly in your Facebook Page. Your Facebook Profile Page is limited to 5000 followers. Instead you can have an unlimited number of followers and can promote your business, your products in your Facebook Page. Your profile must be professional and trustable so you can get your potential customers confidence. Using a photograph of you will establish more trust than using any other image. Don’t misrepresent yourself. Pick a photo that suites both you and your business. If your store is about funny products probably your photo can be more relaxed. But if you’re selling wedding products you will need a photo with a more classic approach. Take advantage of Personal Info, Work Info, Photos, and applications to tell your audience the story beneath your products and store. Fill out as much information as you can in the Basic information and Contact information box. In my opinion what is considered personal can work for you if you have valuable characteristics that can positively influence potential customers to visit your store. Sometimes it feels right to associate your personal identity with the product you are selling. So here’s my story: I´m Portuguese. I have some products inspired by local traditions. There’s an obvious connection that I can explore. But read this: “Facebook does not allow users to create or upload content that advertises or promotes a product, service or opportunity. Please refrain from creating any such content in the future and remove all outstanding content to avoid receiving warnings.” So the ideal place for promoting your store is the Facebook Pages. Read this too: “Facebook Pages give brands and businesses an opportunity to create a presence on Facebook. Brands and businesses can customize their Facebook Page to maximize user interaction and interest. A Facebook Page will allow brands and businesses to deepen connections with users and give the ability to maximize viral promotion through Social Ads.” Nevertheless as I wrote above you can use the Info section on your main profile page to show links to your Zazzle store. You can also upload photos you use in your products and create different albums that showcase your work. If you have a newsletter the subscription link should appear in this section too.

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