February 22, 2011

#4/9 How to promote your Zazzle Store - FB tips

Ok, you have a Facebook Page but you keep it almost in secret. Wrong! Show off your Facebook Page as much as you can! Facebook provides widgets - The Like Box and the Like Badge. Use it! When visitors arrive on your website or blog or store, they can see your Facebook Page widget following and can Like it instantly. I never told anyone about my first Facebook Fan Page. It was called a “Fan Page” back then. When I realized I should promote it I messed with some Facebook settings and lost control of my Fan Page! (Meanwhile Facebook changed the Fan Page to just Page! No more “fan”, now you “Like” a page.) Help Center wasn’t able to provide an answer…till now. The old Page is still there, in the Facebook limbo. It does not even look like a Page anymore! That was a strange event! So, I created a new Page to promote A Portuguese Love Zazzle store. This time I invited friends to Like it. Rather than sending invites to people individually, you can send invitations to an entire group of friends at once. When you add new people as friends on your Facebook homepage, you will need to again send invites to those people. Names of persons you have already invited will be grayed out as you start to send invites to newly added people on the Facebook homepage. But don’t be spammy about it. Avoid massive invitation or messaging. Promote slowly and personally. The idea is to bond, keep that in mind. Facebook does not like spam and might close your account. Read about it:

“ The systems automatically identify the following types of behavior:

Feature overuse: There are limits to restrict the rate at which you can use features on the site. Overusing features is not allowed because it may make other people feel annoyed or unsafe. Unwanted contact: Our systems detect when friend requests you send to others are being ignored at a high rate and volume. Using Facebook to contact many people you don't know is not allowed because it may make them feel threatened, harassed, or unsafe.

It is a violation of Facebook's Terms of Use to repeatedly send the same message or to make the same post as it may be construed as spam. Facebook prides itself in protecting users from spam, and we take this standard very seriously. If you have been warned, please do not send or post any more messages with the same or similar content. Spamming on Facebook will lead to your account being permanently disabled.” Don’t forget to add links to your Facebook profile) in your email signature.

Check Facebook Badge Page – profile, like, photo and Page badge : http://www.facebook.com/badges/

Check Facebook Like Widget - http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box?profile_id=168007909888399

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