February 10, 2011

How to promote your Zazzle Store on Facebook 2/9

I created a profile on Facebook maybe in 2007. Profiles represent individuals and must be held under an individual name. When I opened my Zazzle store I created a Fan Page. It started well. I posted links to my Zazzle Store and products in it. I hosted a giveaway blog with excellent Portuguese products. I manage to gather maybe 100 fans very quickly. It started well. We must provide more than just links to our Zazzle mousepads ou buttons or mugs if we want loyal following, participation and interaction. Customers want to be informed not pitched. I was an active Blogger for a long time. As in blogs we must provide some engaging content on Facebook Pages or people will not return. I guess you can post news or stories related to your store and provide unique commentary or insight. You can also use the Facebook Page to provide tips, tricks or information content about Zazzle or your professional life. Try to incite comments and feedback from the members to foster a sense of community. So here’s what I think: we must interact with users all the way. They must feel that there are real people there. This will make their appreciation for your store grow. Also I think it’s good to provide links to interesting articles outside the page. At first I thought I ought to keep my visitors there. Now I do not subscribe to that. So you can redirect your Facebook Page visitors to your blog or Twitter or other media places if it proves to be rewarding for your visitors. They will appreciate that.

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