February 7, 2011

How to promote your Zazzle Store on Facebook 1/9

Creating a Facebook Page to promote your Zazzle store is a good idea. I decided to research and learn the best way to use a Facebook Page to promote my Zazzle store as I was doing a lousy job with it. What I found I am sharing with you in this collection of blog posts. It might help you too especially if you’re starting on Facebook!

When someone Likes a Page your store´s name and logo will appear in the News Feed, on people's home pages who have already "Liked" your Page as well as your Page's wall for any people who are visiting. That’s very good exposure. You will be able to send updates to the people who have "Liked" your Page too. But read this too:” As a Page admin, you can update your followers by using the share feature located on your Wall tab at the top of the Page. You will be able to update your status, ask a question, post photos, share a link, or record or upload a video. These posts will appear on the users home page's who have already Liked your Page as well as your Pages wall for any users who are visiting.”

Friends can share a Facebook Page with friends by selecting the "Share" link in the bottom left side of the Page. They can then choose to share it via a post on their profile, which may appear in their friends' News Feeds, or with specific friends via a message. So here’s another reason to have one and take good care of it.

Facebook Pages are indexed and searchable inside and outside of Facebook’s. Millions of users can find and Like your Zazzle store, discover and buy your products. The cost to market to these potential customers targets is zero. Well, almost zero because you must always think that time is money, whatever you do it’s time consuming, therefore it has a value. Facebook Pages rank very highly in Google search results, boosting your SEO rankings. (One post in the future will be about SEO, Search Engine Optimization. I also had to learn about it in order to sell more!)

You can add HTML, Flash, or even Facebook applications to your pages to extend their functionality and there are lots of applications to choose from.
You can check it here: http://www.facebook.com/help/?page=904#!/pages/create.php

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