February 17, 2011

# 3/9 How to promote your Zazzle Store on Facebook

Another good idea is to start a Facebook Group. Facebook groups come with boards for posting discussion topics, photos, videos, and links. For example, my Zazzle store sells Portuguese tradition inspired products amongst others. Probably it would be a good idea to start a group about Portuguese traditions and culture. Remember that Group moderators can send messages and updates to group members. They go straight to Inbox. This is a tremendous way of spreading the news about your store business! Once members have joined your group, they can easily invite their friends to join the group. Many of these groups can contain target customers! Find it! Discover what the group likes and see if you can participate in a way that benefits the group and your business. A group is about sharing. Keeping that in mind you can always expect that if you give something you’ll end up getting something too. Nice! But read this: “If you were trying to promote your group by posting a link to join it in a message, on a wall, or in a discussion board, this can be construed as spam. We suggest making your friends administrators of this group so that they can invite their friends using the Invite functionality built into the group. You can do this by clicking on "Edit Group Members" and then on "make admin" next to the users’ names. Each admin can invite his/her own friends to the group.”

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