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In the III century AD, the Roman Emperor Claudius II decreed null and void and prohibited marriages, because without family men would be easier to recruit for the fronts of the war. Valentinus violates the unjust imperial decree by performing marriages in secret. Discovering its audacity, he is arrested, tortured, and sentenced to death for violating the law. In prison, he gets messages of encouragement and flowers from people who believed in love. The daughter of his jailer, blind from birth, visited him frequently during his captivity, bringing him food. Valentine describes the world to her and speaks of God. One daylight illuminates the jail. She bursts into tears because a miracle had happened - she regained vision! With the miracle, her entire family converted to Christianity. On the eve of death, Valentinus wrote a last letter to the girl, with whom he had fallen in love, asking her not to part from God, and signed "From your Valentine".

From this legend, and over time, the tradition of exchanging postcards between lovers settled in customs. In the Middle Ages in France and England, Valentine has become one of the most important saints. On-time of the martyr's death, 14 February, young people sewed the sleeves a paper heart with the name of their partner. They would keep it for one week. Hence the expression to wear one's heart on the sleeve was synonymous that the person being in love. In the fifteenth century, Charles, the young Duke of Orleans, was among the first to use the concept of Valentine's cards. Imprisoned in the Tower of London after the battle of Agincourt in 1415, he sent on that date poems and love notes to his wife, who was in France. Throughout the seventeenth century, it was customary for lovers to write poems on small cards to send to people they were in love with. From 1840, in Victorian England, Valentine's messages began to appear on cards decorated with ribbons and tissue paper. Phrases and poems used then still remain in vogue. Even today there are many passionate people exchanging cards and flowers or making a romantic dinner on the anniversary of the death of the martyr.

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