November 25, 2009

Confiança means trust in Portuguese language

You are still on time to enter Confiança's bar soaps giveaway. O Melhor is a product range specially formulated for men’s skincare. Translated as “The Best” it includes shaving cream, exfoliating soap and balsam after-shave. The stylish retro packaging is the result of the restyling of an original logo dating back to 1920s. The strength of this line is reinforced by a back to basics old-school fragrance with notes of musk and marine. Still represented on Confianças’s ranges Art Déco and Art Nouveau art were popular influences during the ’20s. Rich design and recipes portfolio were recovered as Confiança’s aim is to bring back that heritage to the XXI century. The old molds are still in use to preserve the original soap shape. Soap characteristics and packaging is an art passed on by generations that allows Confiança to still preserve all of its essences. O Melhor is an example that is still in the memory of many and will bring to the present the scents of another century. Above you can see a photo of this exquisite bar of soap you can win. There are three different bar soaps to give away. An excellent Christmas gift for yourself or someone you love. And to enter is really easy. 

How to enter the giveaway?

Just follow the link.

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To access more information on lots of marvelous products visit Confiança's site

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