November 10, 2009


Confiança produces even today according to its traditional methods passed from generation to generation always respecting its quality tradition but never forgetting innovation and the search for new opportunities.

Still represented on Confianças’s ranges Art Déco and Art Nouveau art were popular influences during the 20’s. Rich design and recipes portfolio were recovered as Confiança’s aim is to bring back that heritage to the XXI century. The old moulds are still in use to preserve the original soap shape. Soap characteristics and packaging is an art passed on by generations that allows Confiança to still preserve all of its essence. O meu sabonete, Mariposa and O melhor are examples that are still in the memory of many and will bring to the present the scents of another century.

To Confiança each of its products is more than a cosmetic. It’s a piece of history, a memory and a small part of each one of its co-workers. By using a Confiança soap, after-shave, shaving cream or by immersing into a bath with Confiança’s bath salts you will most certainly be transported to a beautiful past in a never ending world of fragrances and sensations.

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