November 27, 2009


Yesterday I saw a documentary on Afghanistan and Pakistan and USA efforts to pacify those areas and fight Taliban. It’s Obama’s war from FRONTLINE producers Martin Smith and Marcela Gaviria. It has been eight years since USA went to the territory. It’s a controversial issue and I’m glad I do not have to decide about it. This does not mean I do not worry. My wish is that a solution could be arranged so people stop being killed. I learned from the documentary that its outcome is uncertain. And that probably a lot more of USA troops are needed. One big problem is the corruption of Kabul government, other is the Taliban. Government is losing population support. Taliban are organized and offering the population things that USA still can’t provide: security. One could ask why not live Afghanistan to its fate. But since 11 September people fear that these countries can nest terrorism so an effort must be done even if it means great loss. There isn’t an easy solution. Al-Qaeda is no longer based in Afghanistan but in neighbor tribal areas of Pakistan. This country represents trouble too. Taliban are fighting its government and if they win Al-Qaeda could get real nuclear power. But USA can’t do much in Pakistan. People there just hate Americans. I understood that a peaceful Afghanistan is needed to prevent chaos in Pakistan. If Taliban control it they can be more able to defy Pakistan government. Counterinsurgency is hard on American efforts. It requires lots of troops to protect population. Enemies have simple weapons but they manage to win. This kind of operations can last years. But for how long can last American people patience?

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