October 17, 2009

SWEETHEART'S FAVOURS - Inspiration for my blog heather

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The sweetheart’s favours or «Sweethearts´ handkerchiefs», also known as «love handkerchiefs» are a portuguese tradition. It dates maybe from the 17th century. They have a symbolic function - the conquest of a man's love.These squares are made of linnen or cotton and have embroidered messages dedicated by a young woman to the man she is in love with. She then sent it to the man and, if her love was returned, he would use the hankerchief in public. In case he didn´t, the romantic dream was over.Often these handkershiefs have language mistakes and rhyme.Designs include blackberry vines, bouquets, flowers, hearts, and keys to open hearts, butterflies, doves, religious symbols, etc. Linnen is embroidered in cross stich,in running and stem stitchis.

And there's a line of products inspired by the color blue and these "Sweethearts'handkerchiefs" hearts and flowers. Have a look!
Romantic Anniversary with hearts and flowers Bath Accessory Sets
Romantic Anniversary with hearts and flowers Bath Accessory Sets by aportugueselove
Check out other Romantic Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dispenser Set at zazzle.com
And what about a dramatic change in the background color? What do you think about it?

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