The name of the store: A Portuguese Love

Things started nicely. I put into my head that in one week my new Zazzle store should open to the public. I am a determined girl and so I did. I called my shop The Portuguese girl. I liked that name very much. I googled it but not enough and this is a lesson I’ve learned. One must be careful before naming stores. My shop was running and I was happy with it. Well, not too happy. Some of the designs were finished in a rush to fulfill my goal. My new store had 30 visits each day, lots of encouragement on The wall, and nice words from the Zazzle community. I joined a lot of Fan Clubs and got my share of fans too. I discovered some pretty good galleries. Two of them belonged to a Portuguese girl and mother.

Then on Sunday morning, I googled again and there it was! I found a shop named mine that selling also Portuguese inspired designs. Ok, I know that I am not being 100% original here. But what a coincidence that a Portuguese girl living in California also fancied the name I picked! I wrote to her apologizing and confessing my surprise. I was not stealing her name, I did not know about it. At that time I still wanted to keep the name. But as soon I as clicked the send button on my email box I realized I had to change it. I was the one to blame. I did not look carefully. But I was overwhelmed by the idea of re-uploading everything. Starting all over again? Yes. I had to.

I sent Zazzle an email reporting the need to delete the store. Almost immediately Zazzle answered and I was informed that my shop would be deleted. This happened too fast and I wasn’t able to keep the contacts of some wonderful stores I had found in the last two days. The new store opened on 18th October under the name A Portuguese love. Some designs were updated in the process. When I finished doing it was completely fed up with it, I could not look at the monitor no more! And the store looked so empty without any comments on the Wall!

Even today I am still trying to find some of the initial galleries I visited! But most visitors came back and that was sweet! So here's my first advice to anyone reading this post. If you are about to create a store in Zazzle or Café Press or Etsy GOOGLE the store name very well!

(Please tell me if you find English language mistakes. This is not my mother tongue!)


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